Student Apprenticeships

You often hear of students falling through the cracks. They get lost in a broken system, or they are stuck in their cycle of downtroddedness. The Tech With Heart Institute wants to change that cycle for the better. It seeks to empower at-risk, underserved, and minority students to reach new heights of success in life and business. The Tech With Heart Institute will provide vocational training, mentoring and economic support.

Underserved students are dropping out of school, can not find jobs after graduation, and are despaired. However, the Tech With Heart Institute offers the vulnerable hope. Although these vulnerable youths are left unable to find pathways to success on their own, Tech With Heart Institute’s response is to provide vocational training in marketing technologies, life skills, and leadership training through programs focused on marketing technology careers.

Hand up, not hand out

This program is not a hand out. Tech With Heart Institute provides a hand-up with a one-year fully funded student apprenticeship and leadership program. Students will be paid a stipend for that year while they discover how to use technology to market businesses and connect with humans in a more efficient way. They will embrace new skills to help them succeed every day of their lives. They will become leaders in their field and gain more confidence, which is a big part of breaking the negative cycle.

Instructor teaching student on computer

How Are Students Chosen for Apprenticeships

Once this program is funded, we will target minority or underserved students, ages 18-26, in the San Francisco Bay Area, who have taken some media or journalism, or digital marketing courses in high school or college. They must show a promise in talent and drive toward a career in these industries.

Student applicants will be identified based on prior experience and interest in marketing technologies. They will be part of web design, video production, copywriting, digital marketing, advertising, and social media marketing programs.

Once staff members identify the students who qualify for the apprenticeship program, candidates will proceed through a vetting process to ensure they are accountable for their own success and the success of the program.

Students will be matched with small business owners and entrepreneurs to develop a portfolio, resume, and credentials to position them for successful employment. Our goal is for all students to be placed in a job within six months of finishing their apprenticeship and training.

How You Can Help

Tech With Heart Institute is one of three core pillars of the Tech With Heart Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to enlightening, empowering and embracing small business entrepreneurs, minority or at-risk students, and children to reach their highest potential in business, career and life. Tech With Heart Foundation is supported by a board of governors, representing leaders within their fields and a dedicated advisory board.
We are looking for donations, prayers, and mentors to support our program. Contact us with how you can help us in this worthwhile project.

Service Offerings

Tech With Heart Institute will provide:

  • Hands-on training for in-demand marketing technology skills
  • Real-time, live virtual courses with subject matter experts in marketing, leadership, and career planning
  • Practical work experience and apprenticeships with Tech With Heart Network small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Participation in the mentor-protege program
  • Guidance and emotional support
  • Career guidance to set goals, cultivate contacts, identify resources, develop portfolios, and write resumes
  • Funded education and living wage stipend

Tech With Heart Institute will address the needs of the individual while benefiting their families and communities. Contact us for more information.